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Alex Baines

Basic SDL/OpenGL Game Engine

This is a game engine that I’ve been creating recently using SDL2 and modern OpenGL 3+ techniques.
(I’m also trying to keep it compatible with OpenGL 2.1 as long as you have the right extensions.)

I know everyone seems to say that you shouldn’t make your own engine, but I find making the engines and systems just as fun, if not more so, than actually making the games that they’re made for. I’m also doing it to learn about new-school OpenGL and the various things that go into making a game from scratch.

Some of its current features:

  • Configuration variables + functions.
  • In-game console / command-line interface to access them.
  • Fully rebindable controls (including all the CLI text-input related keys).
  • Unicode text handling / rendering (Not complete, combining characters will break it).
  • Can reload all OpenGL state at any time.
  • Uses VBOs, VAOs and ARB_vertex_attrib_binding for vertex specification.
  • Custom macro-based automatic GL extension loading.

Maybe one day I’ll actually make a game with it…