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Alex Baines

MiniGBS — GameBoy chiptune player

This is an ncurses music player for .gbs chiptune files. The UI shows the realtime values of the GameBoy’s audio registers, highlighting values as they change; The pitch and octave of the wave & square channels are also shown in more traditional form, using the letters A though G, and numbers 0-9.

MiniGBS screenshot

It has fairly intuitive controls for volume, toggling channels, changing the tempo, etc, and sounds pretty accurate for most of the tracks that I’ve tested. It also works with “Prehistorik Man”, which uses some tricks that other players don’t properly emulate, though it won’t currently work with a few tracks that expect to do their own cycle-based timing.

With the name MiniGBS, it was designed to have a pretty small code footprint; The bulk of it is ~1.5k lines spread between 2 c files. Currently it doesn’t come bundled with any songs, so you’ll have to find them yourself, but I have started working on a GB sound driver and hope to make some original .gbs music available in the future!