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Alex Baines

Insobot - Modular C99 IRC bot

Insobot is an IRC bot I started creating a while back, originally insprired by other markov chain bots such as ChronalDragon’s (as far as I know unreleased) chronal_robot.

After writing the original simple version in C++, I was interested in trying a project in pure C, and decided to expand Insobot into a modular structure and rewrite the markov chain functionality as one module for the new architecture.

Today Insobot has many more modules, for creating alias/macro commands, retrieving info from the API, expanding youtube/twitter links, storing quotes in a gist on github, as well as letting people know the schedule for Handmade Hero.

The main Handmade Hero community bot, hmd_bot, is based on insobot’s code with a few additional modules added, and some removed.

The markov chain module still remains the most noteworthy part of insobot though, leading to quite a few humourous moments, some of which I pointed out in this update.